I smell like apples! After coming back from the park and washing my paws Red Toes accidentally sprayed me all over with the multi-purpose cleaning fluid that she uses to clean the kitchen. I know that I need to be a clean boy but that was taking it too far.

Cleaner Apples

She was laughing so hard I could feel her giggles on my back when she swept me up again for a different spray for fleas, which to be honest doesn’t smell as good as apples. Red Toes is obviously losing her marbles.



When Red Toe’s friend was here from Australia we had a big day out touring around the Cotswolds. It was a lovely day out. We traveled in the car with the windows down as it was so hot. Our first stop was Moreton in Marsh, which is a market town just north of where we live. There was a lot of people eating at tables at the side of the street. I wagged at everyone hoping they would give me something to eat too. Luckily a man dropped some pie on the floor. I managed to grab it before Red Toes caught me. She gets a bit funny if I eat everything I can see.

Back in the car again to Broadway where we sat on a bench and had ice creams. I like ice cream it is cold on my tongue. It cools me down. We went to a big park where I could run a bit. I met two dogs held by a rope instead of a lead. “I have a spare lead at home” I told them. They were whisked away before I could ask “Where can Red Toes get some rope for me.”

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Moreton / Broadway / Stow and Bourton on the Water

I went to the pub in Stow on the Wold for a drink of water. I sat under the table to keep cool it was sweltering. My favourite place that day was Bourton on the Water.I was walking very nicely along the river windrush chasing and eating tissues when Red Toes picked me up and plonked me in the water.

Swimming3I have only ever been in water in the kitchen sink before. I tried to get out of the water but Red Toes pushed me back in. I was very scared; the water was cold but nice as well as the sun was so hot. Then Red Toes friend got in the water with me. I could touch the bottom with my paws so that was lucky. I followed him across the river. I felt so brave I started to jump and splash. It was so much fun.

I came out of the water and did a big shake all over Red Toes!