Life is strange don’t you thing?

Just when we think we are on a path, we have a plan, we know where we are going, how we are going to get there. Something comes out of the blue to change our course, stop us in our tracks make us re-evaluate our direction and objectives.


These changes come in various forms; birth of a child, getting married, being diagnosed with an illness or injury, being made redundant, the passing of someone we love. There is not a person on the planet that does not have one of these detours that comes across our path.

When I lost Rooney, I thought my world had ended, my heart was broken. I was angry at the world and with myself. I struggled to get up in the morning, get dressed, to leave the house or speak to anyone. Thankfully trying to put on my cheery smile for the people around me helped slowly build some normality.

Sometimes a sequence of events occur that change your path, the loss of Rooney, issues at work, being in the wrong job. We work so hard everyday and put so much effort into doing the right thing for our colleagues, our customers, the company that we work for. I was lost for direction.

It took me a while to evaluate these events in my life and determine my plan of action. First and foremost I forced myself to go on holiday, after all a change is as good as a rest. During that week, I did something I love, the quiet chatter of ocean creatures always brings me peace, I went scuba diving.

As I sat on the ocean floor watching a manta ray dance over my head I realized that life really is beautiful, we just do not see it because of the daily grind that blocks our vision.

2014-08-29 12.18.48
Manta Ray in the Maldives

Despite our roadblocks and detours we all need to have people to talk to and tell it like it is. “I feel like crap”, “I don’t know what to do”.  Talking things over is powerful and we should never be afraid to ask for help.

1. Stay focused on the positives instead of the negatives. No matter what obstacles have come your way, stay positive about the good things in life.

2. Don’t ever give up. I knew that to change my life, I needed funds. It seemed that every time I almost got the funds, buyers pulled out and blocked my path.  Patience is a virtue.

3. Challenge yourself and try new things every day. I had a routine with Rooney, so I had to learn to adapt my routine. I set myself swimming challenges and started volunteering at different organisations to expand my knowledge.

4. Surround yourself with the right people. I find myself unhappy whenever I’m surrounded by negative people, so I’m just more selective about whom I spend time with.

5. Smile. A smile goes a long way. A smile is infectious, even if we don’t feel like smiling put it on your face. Your smile may just be the tonic someone else needs.

6. Set your own goals. I always set my own goals. Although I wish I could get there as fast as possible. It is important to enjoy the journey and celebrate each small success on the way. Be prepared to make a plan and take action.

Everyone has their own obstacles and challenges both big and small, that block, change and alter our path. There are always positives that come out of these challenges if we take the time to clear the fog and look.

After all life is strange but let it be strange with others and not alone.