Holy Moses !

My study looks like a bomb has hit it. Over the last week I have found myself pulling items out of drawers, cupboard and wardrobes with a blase “this must come with me”, “I just can’t survive without this” attitude. I decided just before taking the picture that the 5 mm wet suit was a bit over the top and back into the cupboard it went.

I only have 1 bag, so how to drill down to the bare essentials for a 2 month trip?

  • 4 bottles of insect repellent – how else to build a protective bubble against those pesky mosquitoes? I will need.
  • Binoculars – how else to spot the whales? I will need.
  • Snorkel – how will I see the sharks? I will need.
  • Clothes – nudism is not appealing! I will need.

Perhaps I should ask Brittany she is a throw it all in kinda girl. “It will fit in the suitcase, I will sit on it, I will get my friends to sit on it.” Or if that doesn’t work….just buy another case.

Perhaps I should ask Kirstin who over the years has baffled me with her packaging skills.  She is still the only person I know that can fit 5 pairs of shoes, 5 work outfits, several casual items plus toiletries into one of those overhead cabin bags.  Its German efficiency I guess.

I would class myself as a good packer, it has been a skill well developed over the last 20 years travelling for work.  The only problem is applying that skill to personal travel, just can’t do it no matter how I try.  Everything becomes a lovable item that I may just need, especially when i may not see it for months.

According to my mother all knickers and socks must be stuffed into shoes and everything should be neatly rolled tight in order to maximize capacity of clothing that can be taken.  Perhaps she is right?

This morning I debated on whether the best tact would be to wear as much clothing as possible to the airport but decided it’s too time consuming going through the security checks – that’s if I could fit through the machine.  Still in a quandary, because lets be honest I just have too much stuff, I turned to the power of the world wide web and came across an amazing on-line review of how to pack 1 months of clothing into an overhead carry on bag.  I think that Tom Ayzenberg, who’s mum taught him the “clown car” style of packing…is absolute genius !  I think he must be a friend of Kirstin’s perhaps this has been her secret packing method all along?  I did notice that Tom failed to pack much in the way of underwear, snorkels, bottles of insect repellent or in fact any toiletries.

This may be something that a man may not need but I am definitely taking those bottles of mosquito fighting liquids.

Check out the Daily Mail On-line The Clown Car Packing method. It really is worth a look.

So I had better get on with the mammoth task of weeding down how many pairs of knickers (24 at last count) trousers (15) and tops (30) I really do need to take…otherwise it will be just me, the snorkel, binoculars and of course the insect repellent that heads to the airport tomorrow !