I would have put money on it !

I seem to have been avoiding the sofa over the last 48 hours. It’s like I have become afraid if I sit down for a minute I am going to become a sofa sloth, a couch potato. I managed to avoid it until 9 pm yesterday until I sat down (planned) to watch Love Island.  I think now you totally understand my concern !

Will I be on a slippery slide of the depths of day time TV? Will Judge Rinder become become the guiding light between wrong and right? Will I start sympathising with the people on Jeremery Kyle instead of being smug on how much better my life is. Will I be able to spot a bargain at any auction house?

I decided that I just cannot do it, day time TV. It has to stay off. But how to relax in the interim – I appear to have ants in my pants.

It is now 9:30 am. I have already scrubbed the kitchen, the hallway, stairs and the upstairs loo. When I say scrubbed I mean ceilings, walls, skirting boards, floors and all. I have forced myself to stop before I got into the living room.  After all if I do the whole house what will I do tomorrow?

Is it hereditary – The inability to sit down and relax? My Dad has it, he gets up 8 am and does not stop. He will be digging, cleaning, painting, mowing you name it until 9 pm at night.

I googled it, just because I have the time to do  those types of things.  It is called Adult ADHD apparently or am I just going crazy already with having time on my hands to do “stuff”.
Hyperactivity – Cannot sit still. Fidgety, restless, always on the go.

Did I mention that I walked to the swimming pool and swam a mile as well this morning- thought not !

I would have put money on the transition being difficult. I have alway been a busy busy bee.  I think I am worried that if I don’t expel enough energy in the day how will I sleep at night. Or if I do stop how will I get up again. Any ideas and suggestions on how to learn to relax daily are greatfully appreciated.

I have decided to walk into town and buy the the new Harper Lee book – Go set a Watchman. Atticus Finch was always a hero of mine, or perhaps it was just Gregory Peck. If I read an hour a day, perhaps that will give me some balance?

It is gonna be a steep learning curve this relaxing business !!!